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Lord Muruga or Murugan Photo

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Lord Murga is also known as Subramanya or Skanda and He is an extremely popular God of Tamil Hindus. He is famous in South India.

His many names include:

  • Kartikeya (or son of Krittika)
  • Arumugam (one with six faces)
  • Kumaran
  • Shanmukha
  • Skanda

Swaminatha and Subramanian.

A devotee in distress is always attended by Lord Muruga. See videos of Lord Muruga.

References of Lord Muruga

  • The Satapatha Brahmana portray Muruga as son of Rudra (incarnation or Avatara of Lord Shiva) and the ninth form of Deva Agni.
  • The Taittiriya Aranyaka includes the Gayatri mantra for Shanmukha.
  • The Chandogya Upanishad suggests that he the “way that leads to wisdom”.
  • The Baudhayana Dharma Sutra mentions Skanda as Mahasena and Subrahmanya.
  • The Aranya Parva of the Mahabharata alludes to Kartikeya Skanda where the legend is retold in detail.
  • The Skanda Purana is devoted to the narrative of Lord Muruga.

Lord Muruga

Photo of Lord Muruga with Valli and Devayani.

The Legend of Lord Muruga

The Skanda Purana narrates that Shiva, was married earlier to Dakshayani (also known as Sati), the granddaughter of Brahma, and the daughter of Daksha. Daksha never liked Shiva (Shiva begs for food, lives in a graveyard covered with ashes being the Destructor, and has no possessions, not even good clothes for himself – symbolising detachment but disliked by Daksha) and insults Shiva at the face of Dakshayini in a Yagna.

Dakshayani self-immolates herself, unable to bear the humiliation. Having thus incurred Shiva’s wrath, the Yagna is destroyed even though it was protected by all the other Gods & Rishis. Taraka believed that, since Shiva was an ascetic and his earlier marriage was itself conducted with exceptional difficulty, his remarriage was simply out of the question, hence, his boon of being slayed by Shiva’s son alone would give him invincibility and immortality.

The Devas manage to get Shiva married to Parvati (who was Dakshayani, reborn) by having Manmatha (often called Kama), the god of love awaken him from his penance, incurring his wrath by opening his third eye of destruction, and being destroyed & resurrected. Shiva hands over his effulgence of the third eye used to destroy Manmatha to Agni, as he alone is capable of handling it until it becomes the desired offspring. But even Agni, tortured by its heat, hands it over to Ganga who in turn deposits it in a lake in a forest of reeds (shara). the child is finally born in this forest (vana) with six faces-eesanam, sathpurusham, vamadevam, agoram, sathyojatham and adhomugam. He is first spotted and cared for by six women representing the Pleiades – Krittika in Sanskrit. He thus gets named Karthikeya opr Karthigeyan. As a young lad, he destroys Taraka. As this fresh and energetic saviour he is called Kumara (meaning youthful).

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